Lisa Frisoli & Jenna Crovo


The PTO fundraises for many Enrichment programs throughout the year. 

Below are some programs from last year we hope to bring back. 

Adams Farm (Kindergarten)

The students will visit Adams Farm in Cumberland, RI!  Each student will be getting an apple, cup of cider, sugar pumpkin, hayride, chance to play in the hay maze and a tour of animals at the farm.


Richards Memorial Library Visit (3rd Grade)

The students will tour the library and will also have the chance to select a book to borrow!


The Discovery Museums- Physical Changes in Matter (5th Grade)

Traveling Science Workshops (TSW) are highly interactive, hands-on experiences are shared in the classroom.  Students Investigate the physical properties of solids, liquids and gasses has never been so much fun! In this most popular workshop, dry ice and liquid nitrogen make learning the phase changes very dramatic as together we change liquid water to gas, shatter flowers and rubber bands, use a banana as a hammer, and even shrink solid metal in just a few seconds.


Plimouth Plantation & Mayflower II (3rd Grade)

The students will visit Plimouth Plantation and the Mayflower II.  They will learn the lives of the Native Wampanoag People and the Pilgrims who lived in early Plymouth Colony.


Plimouth Colonial Classroom Visit (1st Grade)

The colonial program is presented by museum teachers who dress and speak as if they are a 17th-century colonist.  They bring children's clothing and artifacts to illustrate their presentation.


Cartographer, Jason Newton (4th Grade)

Jason Newton has educated students for years on the practice of cartography!  His presentation focused on maps of the continents as well as maps of the US.  Children will receive and work on the map of the US during his presentation.


Mystic Aquarium- Penguin Palooza (Kindergarten)

All children love to imitate penguins, so think how much fun it would be to see a classmate dressed up as one from beak to tail!  Through movement and hands-on activities, students will love learning about these adorable “birds that can’t fly.”  Live penguins are not included as a part of this class.


Clara Barton – Civil War Nurse and Red Cross Founder (1st-5th Grade)

The program instills within children the value of helping others in need. Her story also ties directly into Civil War studies, community service, and reinforces the importance of reading and getting a good education to achieve your personal goals and dreams.


Discovery Museum (4th Grade)


Pumpernickel Puppets (K- 2nd Grade)

For nearly forty years the Pumpernickel Puppets have captivated audiences of all ages with humorous and colorful adaptations of classic folk and fairy tales.


Marty Kelley (K-5th Grade)

Children’s author and illustrator, Marty Kelley will visit and give a fun, fast-paced explanations of how he created his books.


Little Red School House (3rd Grade)

The third grade classes visit the Little Red School House dressed in their traditional Colonial garb. The students learn about school during Colonial times, and have a wonderful experience traveling back in time!

Tour of North Attleboro (3rd Grade)

The third grade take a tour of the town, learning it's history and tours the historical sites!


ASRI Sensory Safari (Kindergarten)

Sights, sounds, smells and mystery objects to touch create the Sensory Safari experience.  Students learn about their five senses while investigating the sense of animal friends.


Capron Park (Kindergarten)

The students tour the zoo and look into the wonderful world of animals, a basic introduction that looks at the differences between various animal groups.  The visit also includes an animal story, simple craft or activity and an animal encounter.


Plimoth Plantation Wampanoag Visit (2nd Grade)

An in-school classroom visit that is delivered by Native museum teachers, who dress in modern clothing and speak from a modern perspective about how the 17th-century Wampanoags.


Roger Williams Zoo (2nd Grade)

The programs at the zoo meet science Grade Span Expectations (GSE’s) and other Rhode Island educational benchmarks.


Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary (2nd Grade)

What is a seed? In this program students will learn the anatomy of a plant and seed, what a seed looks like, and the special adaptations plants have for dispersing their seeds.





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